‘Thank you for all the love’ Derek Watts of ‘Carte Blanche’ to take a break after cancer diagnosis

Derek Watts.

Derek Watts.

Published Jun 12, 2023


Durban – “Carte Blanche” said presenter Derek Watts would be stepping back from his work to focus on his health.

Watts was diagnosed with skin cancer that had spread to his lungs.

“Carte Blanche” said: “With the support of his family and specialists, he was able to continue doing what he loves best: bringing his cherished viewers the stories that have shaped our country.

“While this news is undoubtedly disheartening, we remain hopeful and optimistic about Derek’s journey toward recovery.

“We have complete confidence in the expertise and dedication of his medical team, who will provide the best possible care and support throughout this process.”

Earlier this year Watts was hospitalised with severe sepsis.

“Carte Blanche” said he took huge comfort from the thousands of messages he received during his recovery from sepsis.

Watts has been part of “Carte Blanche” since its inception in 1988.

“Carte Blanche” said it would provide regular updates on Watts health status and requested that his privacy and that of his loved ones be respected.

“He has played an instrumental role in uncovering truth and justice for many. His unwavering commitment to the show and its mission of holding those in power accountable, is exemplary.”

In a recording from his hospital bed Watts said:

“Hey Mac and Claire you doing such a stellar job with the show along with the rest of the team.

“Another short hospital stay, but I’ll be fine, I’ll be out of here soon.

“And I really just wanted to say to our viewers, thank you for all the love, the messages, the prayers that give us hope and thanks of course, for continuing to watch ‘Carte Blanche’.

“I’ll be back soon, but have a magic week and cheers for now.”